Obsidian Theatre Company

Director’s Project

Obsidian Theatre’s Darktown Initiative 2020-2021

Director’s Project – Call for Submissions

Deadline to Apply: December 13th 2019


Obsidian Theatre is Canada’s leading culturally specific theatre company. Our threefold mission is to produce plays, to develop playwrights and to train emerging theatre professionals. We are dedicated to the exploration, development and production of the Black Voice.


Within the Darktown Initiative Obsidian is finding new ways to support the growth and training of young-in-craft artists. Our Director’s Project is a chance for a Black director to bring a project to Obsidian with a clear vision of how they’d like to stage the piece, and what they’d like to gain from the experience. Obsidian will contribute funding up to an agreed upon amount to support the execution of this vision.


This opportunity is suited for artists who have not yet directed for a professional theatre company, and are looking for a chance to have their work seen in a new capacity. This project is not for new play development.


How to Apply?


The application process will have two parts. The first will be a written application, answering the questions outlined on the PDF HERE. Please also include a CV. These submissions will be due on FRIDAY, December 13th, 2019.

The second part of the application will be meetings and interviews with the Obsidian Theatre staff in early January 2019.



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