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Obsidian Theatre has been developing new Black voices through our Playwrights Unit, our Development Series, and our Resident Playwrights for over 15 years.


The Playwrights Unit is an intensive yearlong process that runs annually from September to June. Through monthly meetings with the group and individual guidance to serve each artists’ needs, artists delve into the creation process in a supportive and nurturing environment that challenges themselves to investigate their writing process. The Unit has an emphasis on professional development and the business of being a professional artist in Canada.



We are looking for playwrights who identify as members of the Black diaspora to apply for our 2019/2020 playwrights unit. The Playwrights Unit is an intensive yearlong process that runs this coming season from September 2019 to June 2020. We hope to challenge black playwrights to investigate their writing process and the stories they want to tell. 




Applications are due July 31st 2019 by midnight.


1. Letter of Intent (2 pages maximum) – Letter introducing yourself and your work. Your letter may answer some of the following questions:
Why do you write for theatre? Why now?
What experience do you have in play creation?
Why do you want to work with Obsidian Theatre?
What are your goals or expectations upon entering into this playwrights unit?
What is your artistic practice/writing routine?


2. Writing Sample (Minimum of 10 pages, Maximum of 15 pages)
A sample of your writing that best represents your voice as a writer/creator.
This can include: Excerpt of a current new play, poetry, prose writing, a collection of excerpts from different works, librettos or musical creations.


3. Theatre/Artistic Resume & Bio
Include relevant previous experience that has prepared you to be in an intensive writers unit.

How to Apply
· Format your entire application (including the writing sample) into ONE .pdf file
· Include links to any video, sound clips or images that you would like included in your application.



Send your completed application by email to office@obsidiantheatre.com





2018/2019 Chiamaka G. Ugwu, David Lewis-Peart, Troy De Four

2017/2018 Fatuma Adar, Intisar Awisse, Dainty Smith

2016/2017 Motion, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Sashoya Shoya Oya

2015/2016 Kanika Ambrose, Peter Bailey, Daniel Ellis, Alicia Richardson, d’bi young

2014/2015 Kanika Ambrose,          Sebastien Heins, Tia McGregor

2013/2014 Tawiah McCarthy, Makambe Simamba, Teneile Warren

THE DEVELOPMENT SERIES 2013/14    Lisa Codrington, Meghan Swaby

2012/2013 Peter Bailey, Lisa Codrington, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard,             Meghan Swaby

THE DEVELOPMENT SERIES 2011/12 Joseph Joe Pierre, Leah-Simone Bowen, Motion

2011/12 Audrey Dwyer, Meghan Swaby, Andrea Scott

Playwrights Unit Tier Two 2009/10: Leah Simone Bowen, Roxanne A. Joseph

2008/09: Laurence Anthony, Aisha Sasha John, Motion

2007/08 Leah Simone Bowen, Rita Deverall, Rachael-Lea Rickards, Rosemarie Stewart

2006/07 Dian Marie Bridge, Rebecca Fisseha, Edwige Jean-Pierre, Marcia Johnson, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard



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