Obsidian Theatre Company


This season Obsidian delivers outstanding renditions of two celebrated productions – Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold” … and the Boys and Stew’s Passing Strange.


Opening the season and earning a 4-star review at Shaw earlier this summer is Fugard’s “Master Harold” … and The Boys. Set within the historical context of South African apartheid in the 1950’s, the play explores the complex relationship between the three characters and highlights the injustice and inequality of the time. Directed by Philip Akin, the production comes to life through moving performances by James Daly (Hally), Allan Louis (Willie) and André Sills (Sam) and has been named one of the strongest renditions of the enduring, modern classic to date (“It’s hard to imagine a stronger production of this play.” – Globe and Mail).


Combining punk rock, R&B and soul, Stew’s Passing Strange is Akin’s first foray into directing musical theatre. Headed to The Opera House on January 24, 2017, this production is a bold coming of age story told through sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Set in the late 1970’s, a black teenager leaves his home in Los Angeles to travel Europe in search of not only himself, but a place to call home. Fueled by a star-studded cast (to be announced later this fall), Passing Strange is a powerful, moving production is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats laughing while also bringing them to tears.


For more details, check out our Season Brochure!

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