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Judas Noir

Obsidian Theatre’s Darktown Presents:
BDB ProductionsJudas Noir

Directed by Leighton Alexander Williams.


Judas Noir follows the court trial of Judas Iscariot, the disciple notoriously known for betraying Jesus Christ. While this case gets unraveled, parallels are drawn between the persecution of the Jewish people (during this archaic time), and Black citizens of today. This play deals with themes of: betrayal, regret, forgiveness, and the loopholes/flaws that exist in our justice systems presently, and potentially in the afterlife.


BDB Productions’ Judas Noir is our inaugural Darktown production.


October 9th -20th, 2018 


345 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto


Click HERE for tickets, or call 647.341.7390



Derick Agyemang

Andrea Carter

Franckie Francois

Emmanuel Ofori

Demi Oliver

Alicia Richardson

Ryan Rosery

Chelsea Russell

Adrian Walters

Leighton Alexander Williams



Leighton Alexander Williams             Director

Logan Cracknell                                  Stage Manager/ Lighting Designer

Julia Kim                                              Set, Props & Costume Designer

Susanna Feng                                     Set & Costume Assistant

Christopher Clarke                              Choreographer

Phi Huyn                                              Fight Choreographer

Crystal Lee                                          Production Manager

Jedidah Nabwangu                             Producer for BDB Productions




BDB Productions INC is a company founded by 7 artists of colour, with the desire to share thought-provoking stories through multiple mediums: Film, Theatre, Television, Web etc. Our mission is to provide entertaining narratives that provoke the audience to do at least one of these three things: be moved emotionally, be stirred mentally, be inspried wholeheartedly. For more information about who we are, and what we’re working on next, follow up on social media (@bdbproductionsinc) or check in on our website: www.bdbproductionsinc.com


Banner Photo by Franckie Francois





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