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Obsidian acknowledges the generous support of our donors who continue to fund our work. Support from our donors enables us to continue to bring unique work to the stage and maintain our training programs. If by error your name is not on this list we sincerely apologize. Our 2019/2020 supporters are:


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Black Glass
up to $99


Christopher Bautista

Beatrice Campbell

Nathan Carroll

Andrea Carter

Amanda Cordner

Logan Cracknell

Rashanna Cumberbatch

Ariana Dhountal

Zoé Doyle

Allison Edwards-Crewe

Rachel Forbes

Robin Fraser, in honour of Alexis Butler

Jessica Goldson

Caitie Graham

Michelle Hillyard

Rob Kempson

Signy Lynch

Elizabeth Mudenyo

Lesley Nicholls

Thomas Olajide

Lise Olds
Kenneth Pearl

Steph Raposo

Joanne Reece

David Reid

Alicia Richardson

Vanessa Sears, in memory of Jonah McIntosh

Ordena Stephens-Thompson, in loving memory of Ntozake Shange
Jennifer Stimac

Meghan Swaby

Laurie Thompson

Mumbi Tindyebwa

Karen Tisch, in honour of Philip Akin

Alten Wilmot







Red Mahogany


Diana Abraham

Marguerite Alfred

Mark Arnold

Sharon Caldwell

Dr. Arlene Campbell

Harmony Cohen

Lisa Karen Cox

Jeff Cummings

Brenda Darling & Ian Gilmour

Troy De Four

Marion de Vries, in honour of Philip Akin

Henri Fiks
Barbara Fingerote

Walter Gibbons

Shira Hart

Kerene Harvey

Ray Hogg

Roberta Hunter
Derek Miller

Stacey Norton
Sonya Popovich

Luke Reece

Rose Marie Reece
Bev Salmon

Leslie Sanders

Tania Senewiratne

Dennis Thomson

Hersh Zeifman, in honour of Philip Akin




Silver Sheen


David Crawford

Kamala-Jean Gopie

Alicia Jeffery & Neil Foster

Larry Lubin

Leslie Rivers & Greg Holness



Gold Sheen


Sascha Cole & Michael Collinge

Kevin Hanchard

Patricia J.

Tiana Koffler Boyman

Mary McDougall Maude

Amanda Rosenthal

Wood Hart Fund at Toronto Foundation




Rainbow Sheen


Joan Boxer

Lawrence Family Foundation

Dana Jansens
Jefferson & Sally Mappin
Professor J.W. Michael & Dr. Edith Lorimer


To join this list by making a donation, please click here.

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