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Board of Directors


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The Obsidian Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals that is passionate about theatre and supporting Black artistic excellence in Canada. As a board we believe in the power of Black artists and their work; the intrinsic value of mentorship; and that artsworkers should be paid a living wage. We help to facilitate the fulfilment of the mission and mandate of Obsidian Theatre through good governance, collaboration, and meeting the goals of strategic initiatives. We are fierce stewards dedicated to ensuring the sustainable growth and continued presence of Obsidian as a gathering place for Black artists for many generations to come.




Beverley Thomas-Barnes, CPA, CA | Board Chair

Director, Consumer Services Policy and Partnerships
Board member since 2020


Ashima Chopra
Multi-faceted Creative | Wellness Coach | Lawyer
Board member since 2018

Harmony Cohen, Former Board Chair, Board Advisor
Public School Teacher | Outdoor Educator
Board member since 2013

Sascha Cole

Theatre Artist | Creative Producer
Board member since 2017

Kevin Hanchard
Board member since 2018

Walter Gibbons
Board member since 2004

Stacey Norton
Audit Risk Management Manager | Theatre Producer
Board member since 2018

We are currently seeking additional members to join the Board. To get in touch please contact the Board Chair at: chair@obsidiantheatre.org


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