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Canadian Premiere It’s 1997 and the WNBA is changing the game. Every player on Plainnole’s Lady Train High School basketball team dreams of going pro....

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Table for Two

World Premiere “Ghanaian parents don’t talk about sex and when they do, it’s not very helpful.”  In the uproarious yet poignant Table for Two, Akosua Amo-Adem...

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seven methods of killing kylie jenner

seven methods of killing kylie jenner explores cultural appropriation, queerness, friendship and the ownership of black bodies online and IRL

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shaniqua in abstraction

bahia watson thoughtfully blends razor-sharp humour with a piercing cultural critique in her intrepidly daring one-woman show shaniqua in abstraction

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Three Sisters

Three sisters, grieving the loss of their father, long to return to their former home in Lagos as conflict encroaches on their provincial village

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speaking of sneaking

Ginnal is sure like never before: he must make it to Foreign. When he meets a Spider who sets him on the journey, Ginnal faces...

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