Obsidian Theatre Company

Playwrights Unit

The 2014/2015 Playwrights are:



Sebastien Heins
Kanika Ambrose 
Tia McGregor 


About the Playwrights Unit


Obsidian’s Playwrights Unit is a venue for exploration, vision and freedom from the constraints of community or self-censorship. We believe that Black stories are and should be about anything we put our vision to.


The Obsidian Playwrights Unit will take artists from diverse levels of experience, with an emphasis of exploration and the creation of new material. This group of writers will be challenged to explore their voices and individual aesthetic in a nurturing and supportive environment. Through both group sessions and one-on-one dramaturgical support, the Playwrights will be challenged to examine their individual writing process.


These sessions will culminate in individual workshops of the developed piece at the end of the eight month period to allow the writers an opportunity to explore their work with actors to gain the perspective and information that  they will use to carry the project further beyond their time in the Playwrights Unit.



For a list of Obsidian’s Playwright’s Unit alumni, please click here.

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