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Is God Is

“Make your daddy dead,” a mother demands of her twin daughters from her deathbed, in the electrifying 2016 Obie and Relentless Award recipient from Aleshea Harris.

Their mother’s words set Racine and Anaia off on an epic journey for righteous revenge, from the Dirty South to the Hollywood Hills. Letting no one stand in their way, they uncover the secrets of the mysterious fire that tore their family apart decades earlier. “I wanna step on somethin for once. See what it feel like. Must feel good,” says an unleashed Racine.

Equal parts ancient and modern, Spaghetti Western and Afropunk, this gripping thriller hurtles toward a conclusion that’s as inevitable as it is shocking.

Main photo by Dahlia Katz

Rehearsal photos by Elijah Nichols

Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu


daniel jelani ellis

Assistant Director

Emilie Aubin

Stage Manager

Ada Aguilar

Assistant Stage Manager

Raha Javanfar

Lighting Designer

Ken Mackenzie

Set Designer

Thomas Ryder Payne

Sound Designer

Ming Wong

Costume Designer

Laura Warren

Video Designer

Jaz 'Fairy J' Simone

Movement Director

Hannah Antaki

Casting Consultant