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World Premiere
By Marcia Johnson
Directed by Marjorie Chan

Donna is a young woman who has recently lost her husband. She deals with her grief by imagining that he is still alive. Carol, has recently split up with her boyfriend and is sub-letting the basement apartment of Donna’s house from Locksley, the free-spirited fledgling musician. His band is on a road trip to the east coast. Locksley seems to have a crush on Donna but it might be much stronger than that. Carol has never met Donna but drops by with the gift of an orchid. Donna invites Carol in for tea. Carol has taken it
upon herself to comfort and aid Donna in her time of grief. Donna does not feel that she needs anyone’s help. As both women move on from relationships that ended abruptly, it is hard to say who is handling things the right way.

Sabryn Rock

Mazin Elsadig

Edwige Jean-Pierre