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who knew grannie: a dub aria

By ahdri zhina mandiela
In association with Factory Theatre
Directed by ahdri zhina mandiela

Amina Alfred

who knew grannie: a dub aria is about four cousins who reunite for the burial of their grandmother, the woman who raised them. They go back to Jamaica and reclaim their past and discover who they are through childhood games, songs and powerful memories. On the wings of the symbolic sankofa bird, the cousins go on a powerful cathartic journey full of joy, laughter and pain to the music of the heart and the drums of their homeland. Factory Artistic Director Ken Gass says mandiela, who is also an award-winning director and performer, “… has a unique muscular poetic voice that drives this imaginative and very theatrical new form, the ‘dub aria’: u can’t run/run/run from the roots u need to redeem for a future.”

Joseph Jomo Pierre

Miranda Edwards

Andrea Scott


Xuan Fraser